Only the vineyards planted with Pinot noir grapes, clone Servagnin, and located in the Morges AOC area, are allowed to use the denomination Servagnin de Morges. Production must remain within 50hl per 2.5 acres, and the grapes must reach a minimum of 82° Oechslé. The wine must be elaborated and aged in oak barrels for at least 16 months. Sales can only start on the 1st of April every year. The Commission awarding the denomination Servagnin de Morges will only deliver the prestigious label after severe tasting and checking that it complies with their highly strict specification. Once granted the denomination, the bottles are given the specific red cap certifying the Servagnin de Morges denomination.

The traditional Servagnin aromas are of soft fruit and ripe raspberry. The aging in barrels adds smoky, peppery notes.

A balanced, powerful wine with rounded tannins.

Best paired with
Red meat dishes
Spicy dishes

75 cl – CHF 25.00 (6 bottles box)

CHF 25.00